We have lots of expectations from others and ourselves. A lover is waiting for her beloved to do something that authenticates their love, makes her happy and so on, but that is infinite as the mind creates lots of situations to fulfil them and make a cause for happiness.  Many a times they are not belied as believed by the person. So is with the pets and their owners . Most of these expectations are based on our emotional perceptions so that it becomes sort of a base to extend our feelings to those from whom we expect. But our perceptions may be erroneous. Everybody has heard the story of a family : husband and wife , child and a pet mongoose. Now the mongoose protects the child and is expected to do so all the time. Some day the couple go out leaving the child in the pet’s care and protection. However when they return back they see the mongoose covered with blood and blood dripping from his mouth. The child i also seems to be missing , the husband kills the mongoose taking him to be the child’s killer. A few  minutes later they discover the child playing happily : safe and sound a little away and a dead snake near it, obviously killed by the mongoose. The mother’s love for the child and their perception of the situation , along with the expectations from the pet all these combined together judge the pet,  and then kill it. 

Doesn’t the same thing happen with the people whom we love? We judge our near and dear ones on the basis of our perceptions and not facts. It’s the mind which creates the mirage of unnecessary expectations. But they (our dear ones ) usually have good intentions towards us, though these may contrary to what we expect and what we would love to get. How do you reconcile to this? I believe the trust factor is missing somewhere and we are also obsessed with our perceptions.This happens Especially with parent and child relationships. So defining your perceptions and understanding them is very crucial here. Also we need to introspect and differentiate between facts and perceptions : beliefs created by these perceptions. It’s important that we do it now as our factor between the relationships is strengthened before a relationship comes to a emotional crisis. Another good idea would be always to have a talk before judging them.In fact we must have this as one of our values and habits to make all relationships trustful.


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