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The After Life Syndrome

Today’s Newspaper daily had an obituary to a sweet dog with it’s photo and some good warm feelings expressed. There are many other obituaries to humans. I am sure these dead couldn’t read what is written and it’s a post meant for us. We are so careless while humans in our relationships are alive but publish caring tomes to them after they are dead. Do they read them ? Really? We are naive! We have a saying in India for those fools who cannot understand unknown and new knowledge : To render The Bhagwatam in front of a buffalo. We are all emotional buffaloes. Meanwhile the dailies are earning from these ads or if they are free - the survivors are either appreciating, crying or laughing. We don’t know if the dead are really alive in the other world and they know these feelings about us. My contention is we redirect these energies and resources to give solace to the living who are suffering. Or in case of animals who need care to these animals. These are my personal observations but in