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The After Life Syndrome

Today’s Newspaper daily had an obituary to a sweet dog with it’s photo and some good warm feelings expressed. There are many other obituaries to humans. I am sure these dead couldn’t read what is written and it’s a post meant for us. We are so careless while humans in our relationships are alive but publish caring tomes to them after they are dead. Do they read them ? Really? We are naive! We have a saying in India for those fools who cannot understand unknown and new knowledge : To render The Bhagwatam in front of a buffalo. We are all emotional buffaloes. Meanwhile the dailies are earning from these ads or if they are free - the survivors are either appreciating, crying or laughing. We don’t know if the dead are really alive in the other world and they know these feelings about us. My contention is we redirect these energies and resources to give solace to the living who are suffering. Or in case of animals who need care to these animals. These are my personal observations but in

Self Confidence Boosters

Self Confidence. The common factor of failure for most of us is lack of self confidence. A simple emotion which is easy to acquire. We need to understand that everything we achieve or do not achieve is governed by this one factor. This emotion or lack of it  decides the results we get. Our brain - synapses and neurones make a path for these feelings. Then when we are in a situation where it’s needed we behave according to these paths.But the good news is that one can change this path with a little effort and some simple techniques. 1. Which areas do you need the self confidence? Write it out and then start working on them. Look at the fear of the thing you fear to do and the fear will disappear. Everybody has experienced this while learning special skills in childhood. Fearing the fear creates the problem, first recognise it as an emotion like anger , hatred etc. and you can overcome it. If you observe it while it’s tormenting you - it will become weaker and weaker , then vani


Expectations:  We have lots of expectations from others and ourselves. A lover is waiting for her beloved to do something that authenticates their love, makes her happy and so on, but that is infinite as the mind creates lots of situations to fulfil them and make a cause for happiness.  Many a times they are not belied as believed by the person. So is with the pets and their owners . Most of these expectations are based on our emotional perceptions so that it becomes sort of a base to extend our feelings to those from whom we expect. But our perceptions may be erroneous. Everybody has heard the story of a family : husband and wife , child and a pet mongoose. Now the mongoose protects the child and is expected to do so all the time. Some day the couple go out leaving the child in the pet’s care and protection. However when they return back they see the mongoose covered with blood and blood dripping from his mouth. The child i also seems to be missing , the husband kills the mongoose

Your manifest & karma

You yourself create your outer world by your thoughts which you call circumstances, this manifest is the result of your karma. If you change your inner world your thoughts. Don't finish a negative thought replace it with a positive one & see the miracle.

Meaning of life

Life’s true purpose in life is to find the true meaning of your life and make other’s life meaningful. Man is the maker of meaning - to give a sense to the reality we build for ourselves. Violence does not achieve it, compassion does, not hate but love, not force but conciliation with the force - freedom from confusion & chaos does it.

Anger & Insults

Whenever somebody insults you remember to do this: Remove all labels on your true self. Language, nationality, religion, skin colour, clothes, social status and ad infinitum things which define you. Next realise that the real you is the energy the force, the consciousness which you use to run your life and achieve everything in life. You can define this as love, universal force , conciousness. This strength is the power which should immediately manifest in you to forgive that person and make a new you. Constantly be aware of this power. This approach will give you peace and divine love. Make others understand this and all conflicts will end in your life.