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Sudhir Bhatt's Vision 2023 January

 HI ,  This is the year 2023 and this is a part of my DDIP training assignment for Deepak's internship training session no. 10. I would like to introduce you to a new Sudhir.  In these challenging times, Mr. Sudhir Bhatt has written and published about 30 books, both ebooks and hard copies on a number of topic. Some are adventures of children on Archeological sites, some are personal improvement tomes and many others just expressions of his thoughts and opinions. But there is a common thread in all these books - the reader definitely starts thinking and arguing with himself about his books and websites. His first series of books on Kindle about life purpose and success mindset, how to earn money have sold all together 10 lakh copies in 2021. He wears many hats - one of them is also owning and running many websites like,, and 1 travel, 1 book website, 1 special skills site, and 1 Indian food websites - all these have 10000
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Monkey Business    How to earn A Lakh  : Laugh With Me.               The pet shop owner looked at me intently and then at the news item of the daily. I don't know why he was staring at me, was it to find out whether I was monkeying with him or with his business?  I was looking for a smuggled Orangutan baby sold in Mumbai. Somewhere in Agripada the poor primate was living with the smuggler and as police chased the man he ran away with the monkey. The title read Rs 1 lakh for info on the smuggled baby orangutan that was sold in the city.           Now this pet shop owner is my friend so he started messing with me : you will have to marry his mother if you want him and he guffawed loud enough for the other pets to get startled and making a new ruckus out of the whole affair. I was touched by the man's bad manners, insult to the child and me. I already had a tigress supervising me at home. Things were bad as it is, I did not want to get entrapped again . The second marriage would

9 Reasons Why Should a Retired Senior Work Post Retirement? Laugh With Me.

         9 Reasons Why  Should a Retired Senior Work Post Retirement? Laugh With Me.      A businessman or an employee asking this question needs to consider his physical and mental condition at this juncture. Obviously if he or she has retired due to health issues - this discussion is not for him/ her. But somebody who has retired in regular course and opted out of business for extraneous reasons then we are talking about them.    There are people who had continued to work due to economic need , so once the problem is solved they come out of the business or employment harness. But here the most important point would be like always - the motivation to do something different and useful to the society in general - maybe to improve their own lot or some other needy people.   If a new profession is considered, the senior needs to assess his or her skills to match with the new project if he / she would be working on. Also she needs to consider the fitness factor to make it workable. Then co

What made “me”

What made me .  it. This katha made my faith in Hanumanji permanent and strong. I believed he was real and indeed always was with me. Lord Shri Ram and Hanuman, entire cast were living beings for me. This was made possible by t What made me .  We are today what we did to ourselves in the past. Many would call it sanskaras, I would say how I made myself in the past, how I lived - how I worked, what I did that made me today. 1. At the age of 11 -  12 , me and my mom used to visit the Laxminarayan temple. Frequently there were lectures by kathakars - story tellers of the epics, Puranas, Shrimad Bhagwatam : the life of Lord shri Krishna and the Ramayana. We had a Guruji named Amardasji who used to narrate the Ramayana interestingly, with lots of funny incidents thrown in and musical Bhajans too. It was a great treat, fun and laughter, music and devotion. The mixture was both engrossing and intoxicating, Such was the narration that we needed to rush to sit next to and reserve the place

The Gita and Pleasures

       We are advised by the holy Gita not to get attached to the fruits and focus on the task at hand, because that is in your hands. In a way it teaches you take destiny in your hands. When you focus only on the revenue or the ultimate profit or loss we compromise on values and our deeper faith. To focus on the current task at hand and get lost in it completely makes you more efficient. Another  benifit is that you take responsibility of your actions - your karma. As you do this ,then you start understanding that referring to oracles is meaningless because all the power to change your future is with you - you only need to accept it. It also says you shouldn’t blame yourself  for other’s actions and blame others for your misery. All the time you were in charge, you did not use it for the change you thought of.      There is a proverb -  cliche, don’t count your chicken before the eggs are hatched, in present times greed supersedes needs, in fact greed has become a need. It is never

The After Life Syndrome

Today’s Newspaper daily had an obituary to a sweet dog with it’s photo and some good warm feelings expressed. There are many other obituaries to humans. I am sure these dead couldn’t read what is written and it’s a post meant for us. We are so careless while humans in our relationships are alive but publish caring tomes to them after they are dead. Do they read them ? Really? We are naive! We have a saying in India for those fools who cannot understand unknown and new knowledge : To render The Bhagwatam in front of a buffalo. We are all emotional buffaloes. Meanwhile the dailies are earning from these ads or if they are free - the survivors are either appreciating, crying or laughing. We don’t know if the dead are really alive in the other world and they know these feelings about us. My contention is we redirect these energies and resources to give solace to the living who are suffering. Or in case of animals who need care to these animals. These are my personal observations but in

Self Confidence Boosters

Self Confidence. The common factor of failure for most of us is lack of self confidence. A simple emotion which is easy to acquire. We need to understand that everything we achieve or do not achieve is governed by this one factor. This emotion or lack of it  decides the results we get. Our brain - synapses and neurones make a path for these feelings. Then when we are in a situation where it’s needed we behave according to these paths.But the good news is that one can change this path with a little effort and some simple techniques. 1. Which areas do you need the self confidence? Write it out and then start working on them. Look at the fear of the thing you fear to do and the fear will disappear. Everybody has experienced this while learning special skills in childhood. Fearing the fear creates the problem, first recognise it as an emotion like anger , hatred etc. and you can overcome it. If you observe it while it’s tormenting you - it will become weaker and weaker , then vani