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         9 Reasons Why Should a Retired Senior Work Post Retirement? Laugh With Me.

     A businessman or an employee asking this question needs to consider his physical and mental condition at this juncture. Obviously if he or she has retired due to health issues - this discussion is not for him/ her. But somebody who has retired in regular course and opted out of business for extraneous reasons then we are talking about them.

   There are people who had continued to work due to economic need , so once the problem is solved they come out of the business or employment harness. But here the most important point would be like always - the motivation to do something different and useful to the society in general - maybe to improve their own lot or some other needy people.

  If a new profession is considered, the senior needs to assess his or her skills to match with the new project if he / she would be working on. Also she needs to consider the fitness factor to make it workable. Then comes the interest factor - if the senior's heart is in the type of work then it would be like icing on the cake. Engaging yourself in an activity that makes you busy and makes you forget the pains is a good idea. 

         Photo by Evelina Friman on Unsplash

   A few benefits of this idea:

  1. Your mind is occupied so you don't bother others and your mind does not bother you with the narratives which were harming you.
  2. You get to meet new people though strangers but after considering the safety factor it is a big gainer. At least you will not get dissapointed at your funeral due to low attendance! - Joking man!
  3. You get to learn new skills and acquire new knowledge so that you can impress your missus if you have not achieved it yet!
  4. Better than say shooting animals, watching banal TV series or drinking or boring others with your uninteresting stories!
  5. You can reach out to people who were not accessible to you until now, maybe your rivals or disliked people.
  6. Throw your weight around now in your family with your new grown confidence. If you were heavy weight, they will detest if you are light- weight , they may like you.
  7. With the new power and confidence gained you can walk with your head held high with a smug look and a condescending look, however bad you may look.
  8. You get to wear clothes, jewelry which were restricted for you. Expect your partner not to object to your new way  or ridicule which earlier was normal.
  9. So guys even if your bells and whistles are not working, dream to get some comments , whistles and hoots - at least you are acknowledged now. who knows they may build your statue if you are successful in the end.                     Look at my take on death and obituaries in newspapers. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„


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