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Sudhir Bhatt's Vision 2023 January

 HI ,  This is the year 2023 and this is a part of my DDIP training assignment for Deepak's internship training session no. 10. I would like to introduce you to a new Sudhir.  In these challenging times, Mr. Sudhir Bhatt has written and published about 30 books, both ebooks and hard copies on a number of topic. Some are adventures of children on Archeological sites, some are personal improvement tomes and many others just expressions of his thoughts and opinions. But there is a common thread in all these books - the reader definitely starts thinking and arguing with himself about his books and websites. His first series of books on Kindle about life purpose and success mindset, how to earn money have sold all together 10 lakh copies in 2021. He wears many hats - one of them is also owning and running many websites like,, and 1 travel, 1 book website, 1 special skills site, and 1 Indian food websites - all these have 10000