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Monkey Business 

 How to earn A Lakh  : Laugh With Me.

              The pet shop owner looked at me intently and then at the news item of the daily. I don't know why he was staring at me, was it to find out whether I was monkeying with him or with his business?  I was looking for a smuggled Orangutan baby sold in Mumbai. Somewhere in Agripada the poor primate was living with the smuggler and as police chased the man he ran away with the monkey. The title read Rs 1 lakh for info on the smuggled baby orangutan that was sold in the city. 
         Now this pet shop owner is my friend so he started messing with me : you will have to marry his mother if you want him and he guffawed loud enough for the other pets to get startled and making a new ruckus out of the whole affair. I was touched by the man's bad manners, insult to the child and me. I already had a tigress supervising me at home. Things were bad as it is, I did not want to get entrapped again . The second marriage would be great disaster with endless misery for me and the child.
      Leaving him with his evil designs , I went to two more shops in the hope that the thief may have sold it to them. Then I went to the local zoo and when I showed the ad and compared the photo with the orangutan in the zoo there I could not make out and decide whether my eyesight had become weak or my brain had receded - due to my new search. Briefly no success and lots of leg dragging. There were more monkeys roaming around in the world making a mess of governments , religions, civilisations and all other man made things than those in the cages, so I left my search there. 
      I got lost in the marriage ceremony and was waiting sitting in the marriage ceremony with the mother and was trying to put a garland in her neck, but like in all hindi movies she was turning her face away - as I finally did it violently with a towrds her right turn and fell off in the process shouting - idhar aoo kahan bhag rahi ho? ( come here where are you running away?)  "
        I fell of the bed along with the blanket aka the garland - my wife staring at me with googling or oogling ( as in Google search eyes - I was feeling Lucky ) my face and entire body.

 She was thinking that I was dreaming about a marriage with some heroine like say D. P.  or some other famous one. I had a bump on my head on the backside. 
      The tigress went into my daughter's room huffing and puffing with a fresh threat for the next day. My dream was shattered literally and figuratively. I lost one one lakh rupees and my wife's trust at least for a few days. I knew she would listen to me after a few days and all will end well. I was left alone to dream about my new adventure for earning more money at least not by chasing monkeys.To read more funny posts click here :

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