The Gita and Pleasures

       We are advised by the holy Gita not to get attached to the fruits and focus on the task at hand, because that is in your hands. In a way it teaches you take destiny in your hands. When you focus only on the revenue or the ultimate profit or loss we compromise on values and our deeper faith. To focus on the current task at hand and get lost in it completely makes you more efficient. Another  benifit is that you take responsibility of your actions - your karma. As you do this ,then you start understanding that referring to oracles is meaningless because all the power to change your future is with you - you only need to accept it. It also says you shouldn’t blame yourself  for other’s actions and blame others for your misery. All the time you were in charge, you did not use it for the change you thought of.
     There is a proverb -  cliche, don’t count your chicken before the eggs are hatched, in present times greed supersedes needs, in fact greed has become a need. It is never ending - to earn, then to burn and burn others too. Depravity is a common result of this.
        Now when you are constantly thinking of the fruits you will definitely get attached to it. Gita asks you to focus on the necessary task for your goals , which are to be done in an end in itself. In other words, keep the big picture in mind , but completely focus on doing the task at hand with your best. Do all things as an end in itself, if you do this it will liberate you. If you pursue pleasure you enslave yourself, but if you do everything as an end in itself you liberate yourself.
         It looks like Gita tells you to enjoy all temporary things and leave them alone . Feels we are following a hedonist routine. As I understand it means don’t get attached to the pleasures you enjoy, enjoy because you enjoy. Most of the enjoyed experiences are just memories of your past, to relive them you do it again and again. Every time you do it you are just experiencing the memory of pleasure you had earlier. Your senses become numb due thousands of experiences again and again.Meanwhile you try to find new ways to make the pleasure more enjoyable. Your senses become numb to the new expaerience you have. So enjoy it in a way whch liberates you , not get attached to it.


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